Fuel Cleaning ("Polishing")

  • Eliminate Contaminates Through On-Site Filtering

  • Test Ability of Generator to Carry Rated Load

  • Eliminates Wet-Stacking - i.e, the Build-Up of Carbon in the Engine, Which Poses a Fire Hazard

  • Testing Loads For Diagnostics

Load Bank Testing of Generators

Emergency Call out Response

  • 24/7 Coverage with All Calls Answered by us personally

    - NO "After-Hours" Answering Services.

  • Minimum On-Site Response Times Ranging From 1 to 4 Hours

  • Mobilize the Industry's Largest Field Technician Force in Bringing Resources to Those Areas Most Affected By Hurricanes and Other Disasters

  • Invested in Technologies and Equipment to Maximize Effectiveness - i.e., GPS, Satellite Phones, Diesel Storage Tanks, Portable Generators, Mobile Housing, etc.

Disaster Response

Preventative Maintenance

  • Frequency and Scope of Work Tailored to State & Local Regulations and the In-House Maintenance Capabilities of Each Customer

  • Work with Customer's Operations Personnel to Maintain Full NFPA 110 Compliance Requiring Monthly Run Tests, Load Transfers, Periodic Changes of Fluids, Filters, etc.


  • Quoted and Scheduled to Minimize Costs

  • Can Work With Customer-Specified Limits Authorizing Immediate Repair for Corrective Actions at Time of
    Preventative Maintenance Visits

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